Eastman CSR


Our Programmes

We have been involved in various social welfare activities over the years through Ms. Darshana Singal Foundation. Enriched with years of experience, Smt. Darshana Singal has an in-depth understanding of this field. At present, she is working as an Executive Director in Eastman Group. She has spearheaded the pioneering efforts of the foundation across areas such as:

Providing healthcare services to the needy and poorer sections of the society

We at Eastman believe that an educated girl child is no less than a boon for her family. With the same pledge, Eastman Industries Ltd, Ludhiana sponsors the girl child education of all its company workers. We bear their school education expenses to enable them to have a better tomorrow. Our efforts have paid off and over the years many of the children we have educated are blossoming in the society.

Enabling the provision of and enhancing access to free drinking water in Rakhram Singh Village in Nalagarh (Solan) in Himachal Pradesh. The ground water level in the village is very low and most villagers cannot afford a bore well, making the availability of water a question of daily survival. We have ensured that the people do not have to worry about water at all and have access to adequate free drinking water.

NGO's Supported By Us

Eastman through Darshana Singal Foundation is pledged to support various leading NGO's throughout the nation who work on common shared principle of "Development For All". Some of the pioneers like : Ozone Foundation, Noble Foundation and Gunjan Foundation, walk with us for the common goal.

Ozone Foundation

The foundation works in the education sector among slum children and helps them overcome the overwhelming barriers they face on the road to having a good education                                                                                                                     

Gunjan Foundation

The NGO works to educate the underprivileged and uneducated and improve their living conditions. Gunjan Foundation works especially with the girl child and helps her empower herself through education, self-respect and self-reliane.